Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc

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Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc
715 Chestnut Drive, High Point, NC

Facility Description:

We have separate programs for men and women.  Each resident is  involved in a disciplined, structured lifestyle.  The distractions of life are removed so that each person can focus on his or her personal relationship with Jesus.  Daily life consists of classes, counseling, mentoring, and so much more.  Everything is designed to help you become the man or woman that God created you to be.  
Today, there is one residential house in the High Point area for men, and two for women. A safe house for women will be opening in 2019, and the “after-care” program for the post-graduation transition period will be available soon! Numbers are growing in every aspect, and God is blessing the ministry exponentially. 

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Pierced Ministries and Rehab Services, Inc